Newcomer Philippe Schmit delivers some of the best fare in Houston

A mini-mystery hovers over Philippe Restaurant + Lounge, the terrific new eatery and watering hole located prestigiously across Post Oak from the original Tony’s and in the same BLVD Place building as Robert del Grande’s RDG + Bar Annie.

The mystery isn’t “What’s with all those capital letters?” It’s “With the name Philippe Schmit, is the owner French or German?”

One look inside the place solves it. Designed by architect Shafik Rifaat — who shaped Tony’s, The Grotto, and the River Oaks Shopping Center — and Interior Design magazine Hall of Famer Lauren Rottet, Schmit’s sleek operation seems all but draped in France’s red, white and blue flag. Walls in the downstairs bar and upstairs dining room are etched with French culinary terms, such as pomme de terre (apple of the earth, or potato), boulettes de viande (meat balls) and ecrevisse (crawfish).

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